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A decoupled debit card transaction runs through the ACH system instead of a traditional debit card network, so there are fewer swipe and processing fees. These cards are great for driving loyalty and provide a lot of room for customer incentives..

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The transaction process for decoupled debit cards runs through the Automated Clearing House system instead of an issuing bank for a debit card. This means that a couple of steps, and middlemen, are taken out of the equation that may include the retailer, processing network, acquiring bank, issuing bank, and card association (like Visa/MasterCard). Therefore, the savings can be used to create incentive programs for customers, who will need to set up a debit account with the store or buying association by filling out a form in person or online. Normally the information needed is a voided check or account number, in the same way that you would set up direct deposit for a paycheck or Social Security. However, instead of adding money to your account the decoupled transaction would be taking money out to pay for what you're buying. Even though you could do the same transaction with your regular bank account card, and the money would come from the same place, you won't get the loyalty points associated with the card.